A note of thanks.

…and it would be an actual note of thanks but I don’t have any of your addresses and sadly we don’t write hand written letters anymore.

Happy New year to everyone.

2011 marks the year that I was able to finally put into practice the idea of self-distributing a film to test whether my little short (and other films to follow) could find an audience online using nothing more than my own site, social media, and word of mouth. It was an idea I had been toying with for some time and, somewhat fortuitously, opportunity and technology finally came together this year to make it possible.

Several established filmmakers use major online distributors such as on-demand services to show their films or as a way of giving life to a film after a theatrical release. But there are many of us that don’t have major distribution chains like iTunes, Vudu, and Netflix available to us. I’m happy to say that my short, “Song of Relations” exceeded the number of views I expected to get by releasing only on my own website. It’s amusing to me that this happened with a short because I’m much more at ease writing feature-length scripts but it served perfectly the needs of this experiment. The fact that the numbers were so surprising is entirely due to all of you.

It’s a bit hard to answer exactly what’s next. Digital technology changes the making of films so much and so often now. I just launched a film, a short, but nevertheless doing so entirely online without the need for any of the traditional means of releasing a film. Who knows what technology and the web will allow in 12 more months. A new script is in the works, and for the first time I now own a camera that will allow me to make a film with an even smaller budget in extremely high quality contributing further to the independent spirit of filmmaking.

If you watched, if you shared, if you retweeted, if you liked on facebook, if you emailed the link, or even if you just mentioned the film to someone, you are part of the reason why this experiment was a success, part of the machine that made it possible. I hope you all continue to join me on this journey.

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