The little film that could… and then couldn’t stop.

PosterThe short film that began the slow journey of experimenting with completely independent distribution only on my website and then generated a following on Twitter and other social media platforms, and helped me make connections with several people I didn’t know before, has now gone the extra mile. I’m proud to say that it has been chosen in a local short film festival here in Paris. It has no cash prizes but does give awards for the usual categories and involves the participation of the city, local film lovers and film industry members.

Some facts…
This the first time I’ve been accepted to any festival. (Not a big shocker)
It’s the first festival I’ve applied to here in France at all.
Naturally, this will be the first time I screen a film to European audiences.
This will be the second time this film has gotten a public screening, the first time was in New York.

For a film that cost a little over 100 dollars to still be amassing viewers every month, to have been screened in New York and Paris, and to have been a major part of getting the visa that brought me to France to make my next feature is mind-boggling and proof that independent, truly independent distribution is entirely possible. Not without struggles, of course.

More details soon on the venue and the festival. Thank you all for continuing to support.