Incidentally… on ‘Love Locks’ being replaced by ‘Love Tags’.

So you take away the fence and dispose of the locks and replace the fence with glass. And people show up with Sharpies. And they write on the glass.

It’s shockingly ignorant and arrogant and difficult to comprehend and yet, if you think about it, it’s perfectly understandable. Because for about four generations now if you include “Gen-X” the western world has raised people who are increasingly clueless, less smart (and I don’t mean degrees, I mean knowing how to fry a freaking egg and use a library) but absolutely running over with self esteem and entitlement. They are brilliant, they are special, each and every one of them because mommy and daddy and Barney and post-modern 90s psychobabble told them so.

And this is what you do when you live a life where every moment is captured, shared, and you yourself are the creator of your own online reality series. You mark your place. You produce, edit, and distribute to fountains of other people who are all doing the same thing and pretending to care, in turn, about you. And in the end — and I’ve heard more friends than I can actually believe openly say this — what it’s really all about is spying on people you know and you’ve grown up around to see if you’re doing better than them or not. Because all of that self esteem and positive reinforcement has failed to do one vital thing: make these people give a shit about themselves, because their happiness has been based on the approval of others. And to get that approval most people go to the biggest hit of dopamine that exists outside of drugs and alcohol: the Facebook like. Instant, unquestionable, unwavering approval. But about as thin in sincerity as a ‘Best wishes’ next to an autograph of some celebrity.

This claiming what isn’t yours is endemic today in these generations. And think about it, it’s not with a dry erase marker, it’s not with pen, it’s not sidewalk chalk.. it’s with a Sharpie. Permanence. Stability. Immovable. Firmly stated. Confusing characteristics for generations so supposedly assertive and in control to be striving to project. They don’t seek to proclaim their love nor do they succeed in doing so. They seek to define what is lacking inside them. And they’ll force others to witness it until they get their “like”.